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fish with human teeth surprise American fishermen; look at the pictures

The Sheepfish is found in North Carolina and uses its dental records to capture prey

Disclosure / Facebook / Pierre JennetsThe name of the fish is given by the similarity of the molar to that of a sheep

A joint photo on social networks caused a surprise among Internet users. The image is of a sheep fish, an animal with a load of teeth very similar to a human. Despite their rare appearance, it is not uncommon to find fish in United State And even present in Brazil A similar type to it, it is popularly called bream. Sheep fish bears this name because its teeth are similar to those of sheep. However, molars are used to capture prey at the bottom of the water. file photo sheep fish Shared by Jennette’s Pier. Nathan Martin had the animal hooked, which usually frequented the sidewalk. In an interview with local McClatchy News, Martin described the experience as “a good fight”, given the difficulty of catching the animal, which is often known and disputed among ordinary fishermen from Nags Head, on the coast of North Carolina. “It was a very good fight, it was a good catch and I was very happy.” The animal also became the cause of jokes and jokes on social networks. One user wrote: “This fish has better teeth than mine.”

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