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A record number of video cancelations set a record in the United States

A record number of video cancelations set a record in the United States

Perhaps a new research by Deloitte in the US shows that the space for new streaming services has reached its limits. The company interviewed 2,009 consumers in the country about their broadcasting habits.

The main number is the number of signed platforms. The survey had found that the average number of services per user was five in October last year, which has decreased to four now. Additionally, there was an increase in the number of cancellations: according to the study, in October, 20% of respondents said they had canceled some services recently, and that number has increased to 37% now in 2021.

According to Kevin Westcott, research leader, this is the highest rate they have seen so far in their surveys. The analysis shows that there is a limit to how much users are interested in a new market member.

However, such data contrasts with another Morgan Stanley survey, which indicated an average of 2.5 services per household in the United States. The discrepancy here may be related to the difference between use of data from individual users (in Deloitte’s case) and from the family group (such as the Morgan Stanley questionnaire).

Despite this, both surveys indicate that Netflix is ​​the user favorite. Currently, the company is the global leader in this segment and also dominates the North American market.

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