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Juliet is actually mocking the "Three Phoc Novels"

Juliet is actually mocking the “Three Phoc Novels”

Enjoy Phuoc, Juliet, and Gilberto During a stress test No “BBB 21 “(TV Globo). The sister bothered the singer, and interrogated him about the three“ relationships ”she had at home.

Are you not ashamed to come to BBB and have three novels, Paribana asked?

The singer replied, “I’ll tell you, I came at a good time, if I had a ‘single’ moment … just now I want to have a puppy, I want something else.”

Juliet said that Fuoc was “naughty” and that he did not wish to marry Fabio Jr.’s son. “God forbid. What is this suffering?” She joked. Gill added that he loved the “naughty” of his beleaguered colleague, and Foyk said his love was “sincere and strong.”

“But you are not loyal to me,” said Juliet, referring to Gilberto. “Look at your situation.”

“Our love is sincere, isn’t it, Jill?” The singer asked.

“And ours isn’t it?” Asked the make-up artist, Phuk. The actor replied in the affirmative, Gill added, saying that the love between him and Phuk came before the “passion” between his brother and Juliet.

“Now who will be the love that will remain?” Asked Paraiba.

Phuk concluded his speech by saying, “True, one love will remain! The three dogs will be dragged here.”

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