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A public school student presents his work at the Dubai Science Fair

A public school student presents his work at the Dubai Science Fair

Isaura Vieira Barboza, a graduate of Government Education Network, Parana, 19, is representing at Expo-Sciences Asia 2022, taking place this week in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Born in Minas Gerais, she attended high school at Colégio Estadual Jardim Porto Alegre, in Toledo, because she believed in a quality public education.

“Isaura came to Parana to enroll in high school and be part of the science club. He wrapped up and went back to Minas, but he will represent our school – the fair was supposed to take place in 2020, but it was postponed. I am so proud of Isaura,” commented the guiding teacher, Dionea. Shauren.

The student studied in a private school in the city where she lives in Minas. “I left there and because of that choice I got here. Winning so many awards at science fairs was already far from my reality, but I never imagined that I would leave a city in the interior of Minas Gerais, study at a public school in the south of the country and reach Dubai one day” , He says.

For Isaura, the work done at the school was fundamental to her development. “The school helped a lot with encouragement and action, it was a great principal and teachers encouraging students to look things up. Not only was the science club also a public school, it helped everyone raise money, sell products and raffles,” he says.

Exhibition – The exhibition in which Isaura participates is one of the largest science events in the world, organized by the International Movement for Scientific Recreation (MILSET), with the participation of more than 30 countries.

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Student’s work, on “Using Different Concentrations of Succulent Extracts to Combat Orange Peel Mold,” was developed in the school’s science club and has won awards at several exhibitions.

In 2019, the work won first place in biological sciences at Fenecit (Northeast Science and Technology Fair), giving it accreditation for the event in the emirate. The project revolves around an alternative control of the fungus that attacks oranges, Penicillium digitatum. I chose succulents, because they are plants that have some medicinal properties and reproduce very quickly. I made aqueous plant extracts with these plants in four different concentrations and tested them for inhibition,” he explains.

“I had a result of a 74% inhibition rate after testing and statistical analysis of 100 grams per liter of mint (thick or boldo, the name depends on the region),” details the student, who chose the project as an alternative use option. of agrochemicals on farms.

Presentations – During the week, she gave presentations of her work, participated in workshops, and also toured the city, such as the Dubai Expo, a world fair that Parana State participated in last year and will run until the end of March this year. Next month, Isaura begins studying biological sciences at UFOP (Federal University of Ouro Preto-MG).