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A mysterious cube was found on the surface of the moon by the Chinese rover

A mysterious cube was found on the surface of the moon by the Chinese rover

while working at Von Karmann pitpilots Chinese rickshaw you too Take the opportunity to take pictures of the moon’s horizon. These were the first pictures the rover took under the dark sky. The drivers were zooming in on the images, one by one, when suddenly a mysterious cube jumped into the horizon for viewing, drawing everyone’s attention.

Was it a mysterious space “hut”? Or the remnants of spacecraft from previous Earth missions? The pilots were quick to consult scientists about the discovery, and they were reassured. The object may be just a stone, and it appears to be located 80 meters from the robotic robot. Researchers still want to go out there and take a better look.

The distant cube-shaped object on the horizon has been dubbed the “Mysterious Compartment” and was discovered by the Yutu rover (Source: Our Space/Reproduction)Source: our space

The discovery was announced on the blog our space, a publishing channel of the China National Space Administration (CNSA), which is responsible for China’s space programme.

The blog called the object the “mysterious cabin”. The strange shape of this rock that caught the researchers’ attention may have been caused by impacts on the moon’s surface, such as meteorites.

In the next two or three lunar days – the equivalent of two or three Earth months – the Chinese craft will approach the object. Traveling on the Moon and avoiding the various craters may take time, even for short distances, but we can expect discovery updates.

Yutu rover landed on The far side of our natural satellite On January 3, 2019, it was taken by the Chang’e-4 space mission. Since then, he has discovered the crater of the von Karmann volcano and has traveled 186 kilometers. The discovery was made on the 36th lunar day of exploration.

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The Chang’e-4 mission is China’s fourth mission to the moon, and the second to carry a rover. Recently the eastern country also started Chang’e-5 . missionIn order to get samples from the moon.