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4 mobile app permissions you should pay attention to before agreeing

Users should exercise extra caution when consenting to the app’s access to device information. See tips!

While installing and using certain applications, a message may appear on the screen asking you to do so Permission to access camera, microphone, and location. What appears to be harmless, in practice is a danger to the user, who may have Information stolen for illegal use.

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There is a consensus among tech experts that the ideal is not to grant unnecessary permissions Applications, which can also steal data to sell to marketing companies. With this, they begin to “magically” make suggestions for customized products to the user.

To avoid headaches, it is important to be careful when agreeing to access permissions for mobile gadgets. This applies to both devices with Android NS iOS installed.

4 app permissions be careful

See below which permissions are dangerous, which makes your cell phone more vulnerable:

  1. Apps that ask for microphone permission Users deserve extra care during the installation process. This is because they can pick up ambient sound when they are being used on a cell phone. From there, voice recognition software captures the information and delivers it to the marketing companies. From there, they started offering more specific products and ads to the user.
  2. Applications that request access to cell phone SMS messages Another type of frequent hack that applies when an app is allowed to use. Malicious tools try to extrapolate access restrictions to send messages to phone contacts, leaving scope for scams and scams to apply.
  3. Applications that request access to the location It should be carefully analyzed by the owner of the cell phone as they can monitor the user’s steps and routine. Flashlight or calculator apps, for example, do not need access to GPS to perform their functions. On the other hand, mapping, delivery or transportation applications require access for best performance.
  4. motion sensor app, used to measure a car’s speed, for example, could be maliciously used to listen to calls and voice interactions with virtual assistants on a cell phone. Therefore, it is necessary to pay more attention when accepting these and other permissions on a cell phone.
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