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A man decides to cross the Colosseum, is caught, and punished by hurting his pocket

A man decides to cross the Colosseum, is caught, and punished by hurting his pocket

No one should scribble on historical monuments, but it seems that this is not clear to everyone. This happens because some cultural structures need to be preserved by countries. Therefore, damaging the paint of the work is an irresponsible act, as these structures represent the identity of the people. Understand what prompted this tourist to sign up for the famous amphitheater.

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The Colosseum: an ancient monument

One of the most famous monuments in the world is the Colosseum, located in Rome, Italy. Built in the first century AD, 2,000 years ago, the Great Walls continue to fascinate historians.

There, great battles took place and the ruins revealed where the Romans watched the bloody battles. Because of this historical grandeur, it attracts millions of tourists annually, who do not always enjoy respectful attitudes.

A young man crosses the runway and gets fined

Sadly, a young man committed the unfortunate act of scratching the Colosseum, causing damage to the historic structure. The authorities identified the offender and imposed a large fine of nearly €15,000, equivalent to R$79,000.

In a corner, he’s seen writing his girlfriend’s name “Ivan + Haley 23,” symbolizing their union. However, trying to be romantic only caused problems, as destroying ancient architecture is a crime.

This punishment serves as a wake-up call for people to understand the consequences of their actions. In this case, he missed the opportunity to enjoy this unique experience of getting to know a unique place.

Draw this guy on a tourist spot

And this isn’t the first time this has happened in space, even with a measure of security and oversight. Italian Tourism Minister Daniela Santanchi lamented that visitors have this kind of attitude.

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In the representative’s opinion, Italians strive to be receptive, but such attitudes are unacceptable. Thus, the man who painted the Colosseum, one of the major tourist attractions, had to be punished. In addition to the fine, a 5-year prison sentence may be applied.