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The heat causes the squirrels to stretch out on the ground  Biodiversity

The heat causes the squirrels to stretch out on the ground Biodiversity

In addition to hundreds of thousands of people, several species of animals are falling victim to climate change. One of them is the chipmunk, which uses and abuses the act of stretching out on the ground to deal with the heat.

This behavior is used by some animals Cool at body temperature. Squirrels find cool surfaces and lie on their bellies with their legs spread out to cool off.

Sunny Korau of the City of Gardens explains the entertainment department. New York, to NPR.

But it’s not just the squirrels that are rampaging, as a publication from the United States National Park Service shows. Bears and turtles Also, among others, like pet dogs and cats:

Despite looking cute and goofy, a sprawling cat can be a sign that squirrels are experimenting. much higher temperatures than they are accustomed to as a result of climate change. “The temperatures we’re seeing right now are beyond the typical ability of this animal to withstand,” says Carlos Botero, associate professor of integrative biology at the University of Texas at Austin.

Stretching around the squirrels is enough to keep the squirrels cool for the time being, but “there’s a limit to heat loss, just like with humans,” explains animal physiologist Andrea Rummel, assistant professor of biological sciences at Rice University.

“Sweating works great most of the time. But if it’s really humid outside, you can sweat as much as you want, but the sweat won’t evaporate and take the heat away. So it’s going to get harder for squirrels.” Temperatures.”

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