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à la Cuca, Turco sets deadline for settling team minutes and fixing Atlético-MG holders: 'Three weeks' |  Athlete - mg

à la Cuca, Turco sets deadline for settling team minutes and fixing Atlético-MG holders: ‘Three weeks’ | Athlete – mg

You may remember. On April 11, 2021, after losing the derby to rival Cruzeiro, coach Coca went to the microphones and set a deadline for the team to start performing as expected: They cover me in 10 days.. The exact deadline was not met, but after 23 days, the launch Atletico MG He made his first big show of strength this season, as is Cerro Portinho thrashed 4-0 in Mineirao. It was the beginning of a very successful path, which would end with the largest year in Gallo’s history.

Koca won almost everything, asked to leave, and his replacement appeared on Wednesday. With a substitute squad, just nine days of work and a pitch far from ideal conditions, Antonio “El Turco” witnessed Gallo’s 1-1 draw with Villa Nova. And at the press conference after the first game of the season, he set a deadline for the team to shoot and start delivering what was expected.

Hopefully, in three weeks’ time, we’ll be able to meet everyone in the same amount of minutes. The starting lineup for the games is already determined.

– Preparatory season continues. We will be in contact with the athletes, to manage the stress of each of them, and for everyone to have the same balance of minutes as the pre-season requires – Mohammed completed.

Antonio “El Turco” Mohamed, Atlético-MG coach – Photo: Pedro Souza/Atlético

During this period, the idea of ​​both the coaching staff and the Atlético soccer department was to avoid major injuries and use the state stadium as a laboratory, to photograph the cast and evaluate athletes who had not been used in the past year.

– Our goal is very clear. Do not change. In terms of preparation, in the next three weeks we will have a lot of matches, and we want to put all the players, so that the team has its full sporting potential.

The three-week (or 21-day) deadline is not random. On February 20, exactly 24 days from now, Gallo will face the first decision of the year, at Supercopa do Brasil, against Flamengo. The match will be held at Mane Garrincha Stadium in Brasilia..

Mane Garrincha will be the stage for Atletico MG x Flamengo, the Brazilian Super Cup – Photo: Paula Reis/CRF

Until the decision in the federal capital, the Rooster will enter six times in the Campeonato Mineiro, to duel against Tombense, Uberlândia, Patrocinense, URT, América and Athletic. The next game is against Tombs, on Saturday, at 16:30, in Independencia.

Partner Galo na Veia – Atlético-MG – Photo: Disclosure

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