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FINALMENTE: nova atualização muito esperada pelos usuários do WhatsApp já está disponível

The new update long awaited by WhatsApp users is now available

Every time you think of talking to someone, your first thought might be “I’m going to send you a WhatsApp message”. This type of behavior is more common than we think. This is because this platform is widely used all over the world.

Since it’s a way to instantly send and receive messages, this app can often replace even a call. Thus, since it is popular with the population, it is natural for the company to try to adapt to the demands it receives.

WhatsApp responds to user requests – Photo: jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

WhatsApp improves the tool

As listed in the users’ favorites, WhatsApp always strives to adapt to these people’s requests. And one of them was wanted for some time. Those who do not like to be seen on the Internet were hoping that the company would launch the option to remove this status.

Now, Meta, the group responsible for the app, has commented on the “online” version of the raffle on WhatsApp. Therefore, users will be able to choose the option to leave the information only to those with contacts, or even remove it.

This initiative is one of those that make up the increase in users’ privacy, and it should be noted that the option was already available for some mobile phones using the beta version of the app. What’s new is that the option will now be available to all users.

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How do you hide?

The “online” checkout process is easier than many people realize. It is worth noting that some time ago, the company already made the option to hide the “last seen” of conversations available. In this way, the withdrawal of the “Internet” has been long awaited by those who do not like to appear in conversations.

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So, to pull this status, you just need to do the same process as Last Seen. Interested parties should click on the “Settings” option in the application. Once you are in this window, just select the “Privacy” option and then “Last seen and online”.

In this field, the first point to be resolved concerns “last seen”. You can make it available to everyone, only your saved contacts, or no one. In the second option, there is a possibility to exclude only some people from the option.

Removing “Online” directly depends on the previous configuration, because when choosing who can see this information, there are only two options, that is, make it visible to everyone or follow the “Last Seen” settings.

This novelty is already coming on all devices that have the app installed. Thus, those who still do not have this option will have to wait some time to be released.

It is noteworthy that in order to have access to all the news about this platform, it is important to constantly update it. Only then can new tools be made available to users.

To update your app, enter the default store of your mobile phone, which is Play Store for Android and App Store for iPhone. Find the app you want, in this case WhatsApp. Click on it. Look for the word “update”. If you have a button with this information, click it and wait for the app to update.

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