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A commentator compares the final between Flamengo and Fluminense

A commentator compares the final between Flamengo and Fluminense

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Fluminense defeated Manchester City 4-0.

Flamengo played in the final clubs World Cup In 2019, against Liverpool (England), and Fluminense In 2023, against Manchester City (ING). The carioca was defeated, but in different ways. Commentator Column, noTulio Rodriguez points out the stark differences in decisions regarding the Fla-Flu duo.

– He appreciates more and more what Flamengo Jorge Jesus did on that occasion, not only in the final against Liverpool, but also throughout the year. Flamengo played a very productive offensive and defensive game and could have won, on the contrary Fluminense. In addition to receiving the goal initially, the intensity Fluminense It was different – says Tulio Rodriguez.

– The first good end of the season Fluminense It was only in the second half, when Ederson needed to put in some good defence. In 2019, Flamengo gave Liverpool a lot of work. Hey Fluminense It was creatively empty. It is even ridiculous to make any comparison. Hey Fluminense Humiliated, Flamengo lost honorably in extra time The commentator adds.

Results of Flamengo and Fluminense in all over the world

Flamengo were tied 0-0 with Liverpool in normal time, but conceded a goal from Roberto Firmino in extra time and lost 1-0 in 2019. However, four years later, Flamengo won Fluminense He faced Manchester City and lost on Friday (22nd) with a score of 4-0 to Manchester City.

With defeat FluminenseFlamengo remains the only world champion team from Rio de Janeiro. This is because Rubro Negro beat Liverpool 3-0 in 1981. Another Rio team that actually participated and was also defeated was Vasco, who finished second after losing 2-1 to Real Madrid in 1998. Botafogo has never participated in the competition.