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A black man was killed by police with 96 bullets in the United States

A black man was killed by police with 96 bullets in the United States

A police officer allegedly shot Dexter Reed 50 times in 41 seconds as he approached in Chicago; The work was on March 21st

US police officers shot a black man about 96 times during a traffic stop in Chicago, United States. The crime occurred on March 21, however the pictures What happened was not published until Tuesday (April 9, 2024).

The victim has been identified as 26-year-old Dexter Reed. According to information received from Cuba (Office of Civilian Police Responsibility), the man allegedly fired the first shot at the police, who responded by firing 96 shots. According to the office, one agent fired 50 times within 41 seconds. here complete For the document (PDF – 148 KB).

The victim was taken to hospital, but died shortly after. In total, the office released more than 30 video clips showing the moment of the incident. Police initially asked Reed to open the car window, and when asked what he was doing, he tried to roll down the windows. In response, the officers repeatedly ask you to open the car doors.

Chicago Police say the stop was made because Reed was not wearing a seat belt. However, Cuban President Andre Kirsten says the veracity of this version has not yet been proven.

“Cuba is unsure how officers viewed this seat belt violation given its location relative to the vehicle and the dark tint on the windows.” Kirsten adds that “This evidence raises serious concerns about the validity of the traffic approach.”.

The president also recommends the dismissal of five police officers involved in the case, especially the officer who fired more than 50 times. According to her, the same officers are involved in another investigation related to a traffic stop.

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