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Lula will make another international trip

Lula will make another international trip

President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva will travel to Colombia on the 16th of this month, his second trip to the country this season. This will be Lula's third international trip in 2024.

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One of the topics that the Brazilian and Colombian presidents, Gustavo Petro, should address is the situation of the dictatorial government of Venezuelan Nicolas Maduro, according to the R7 website. Lula returns to Brazil on the 17th.

The conversation will also address the left's alignment in South America. Like Lula, Pietro is a member of the leftist party Colombia Humana.

In addition to speaking on political topics, Lula will participate in the Bogotá International Book Fair (FILPO), of which Brazil will be the honoree.

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The event organizers explained that the choice was made because of Brazil's importance “on the global literary scene.” The theme will be “Reading Nature” and will promote “forest biocultural heritage,” Metropolis Portal reported.

“Over the centuries, each Brazilian biome has served as a rich source of inspiration for writers, poets and storytellers, shaping narratives that embody the complexity and beauty of nature,” a statement from the event said.

Conversations about the environment

Colombian Amazon
The Amazon region will also be the topic of talks between the presidents Photo: Reproduction / Wikimedia Commons

On Lola's first trip to Colombia, during this period, the goal was to participate in an artistic meeting about the Amazon region. The meeting was held in the Colombian city of Leticia, bordering Tabatinga (AM).

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Conversations about the environment and protecting the Amazon will also continue. Brazilian Foreign MinisterMauro Vieira will accompany the President on the trip.