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DogTv, Your Video Entertainment Platform

DogTv, Your Video Entertainment Platform

You can say goodbye to the fear of leaving your four-legged friend at home alone! DogTv, a channel dedicated exclusively to dogs, has arrived.

DogTV, the perfect ally for our four-legged friends! – Computermagazine.it

This news comes from the United States, a television channel created exclusively for dogs, studied and approved by veterinarians. In fact, the channel has been scientifically developed to provide the right companion for dogs that are left alone at home. DogTv broadcasts programs designed to entertain our four-legged friends 24 hours a day. Also featured on YouTube are a series of images, sounds and background music that our loyal friends will appreciate and help them overcome – called “separation anxiety,” which has been shown to be unhealthy. This may seem like a real turning point for those who work all day and have to leave their dog alone.

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DogTV, does it really work?

The images, sounds, and scenarios are designed with a very specific purpose: keeping your dog glued to the TV for entertainment. First, the colors are optimized for dogs’ vision, as they look different from humans. Dogs’ vision is dichotomous, and they only have two types of color receptors, sensitive to specific colors, such as blue, yellow, and red scales. In addition to vision, which is fundamental to attracting attention, it is. There are very few words, but a lot of noise and music, in short, which is intriguing. The specialty of the channel is the presence of dedicated programs. In fact, there are mini-programs lasting from 3 to 6 minutes, which are divided into three main categories: “relaxation”, “stimulation”, “improving behavior”. Each of these categories has features that allow you to distinguish one program from another. Relaxation videos are usually slower and reduce stress. On the other hand, the videos in the stimulus category are more dynamic and full of animations and moving objects. This helps add more fun.

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Programming for dogs – Computermagazine.it

Where do you watch DogTv?

You’ll be able to watch the channel online, on Apple TV, and on some Smart TVs. YouTube also offers some programs. Starting in the US, the channel had a success that spread like wildfire across China, Portugal, Brazil, France, Australia, and South Korea as well. And in terms of functionality, it’s definitely a must-try. DogTv can be a great solution for our loyal friends.