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840 projects have been approved in the school's science program

840 projects have been approved in the school’s science program

The program aims to awaken the scientific profession and encourage talent among public school students

Photo: Euzivaldo Queiroz / Seduc-AM

The state Department of Education and Sports had 840 approved projects for the School of Science (PCE) Program, of the Amazonas government, implemented by the Research Support Foundation (Fapeam). The list was published with the selectees on Friday (27/05). Public schools at home and in the capital, as well as municipal schools in Manaus, were able to compete.

The program aims to support the participation of teachers and students from the fifth to the ninth grade of primary school and from the first to the third grade of secondary school, in addition to contributing to the process of continuous training of teachers and awakening scientific advocacy and encouraging talents among students of public education.

Among the projects approved are “The Educational Apron: A Fun Way to Get to Know the Human Body”, by Maria Ivone de Araújo Leite State School, in Itacoatiara; and “Colors of the Earth: Saving the Culture of the Kukama People in Alto Solimos,” by Benjamin Constant, Professor Gildo Sampaio Megatanuco, State School Indigenous School Teacher.

The Secretary of State for Education and Sports, Coca Chaves, stresses that research is necessary to build critical thinking. He asserts, “The PCE is a program that sparks student curiosity and stimulates research in the classroom, raises concerns and seeks solutions, which is fundamental to student formation.”

School science program

Photo: Euzivaldo Queiroz / Seduc-AM

PCE is a Fapeam initiative that aims to engage teachers and students from public, state and municipal schools in Amazonas, in the scientific research and technological innovation projects that will be developed in the schools.

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