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The official portal of the municipality of Campos dos Goytacazes

The official portal of the municipality of Campos dos Goytacazes

Mais Ciência, from the municipality’s Department of Education, Science and Technology (Seduct), has received 96 projects through May 16, when the registration period expired. They are now in the evaluation stage for the collaborating professors in educational institutions according to the areas of the submitted projects. The preliminary result will be announced on June 29, on the PAE portal.

Mais Ciência’s coordinator, Leonora Tinoco, said it was an excellent result. The academic community has joined the program and this number of applicants has been the highest in recent times. This public notice is the result of the Undersecretary of Science and Technology’s work with universities. We followed up with the Universities Committee, where we have a representative from each educational institution in the municipality, public or private, and discussed the public notice, the changes we intend to implement. And this public notice brought something new: a bench fee that had never occurred in the previous notices and which we were able to offer now,” says the coordinator.

Leonora also spoke about other news from Mais Ciência. “We also had the question of induced and spontaneous demands. In previous public notices, we worked only with induced notices, those that are part of Annex I, of public notice, those that we were able to raise with city council sectors. But we decided to open up the submission of projects to spontaneous demands. , which are those in which the professor developing the research understands that it may be of interest to a section of the city council and submits the project, making it an automatic application,” he said.

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Professor and researcher in the Environmental Sciences Laboratory of the University of Estadual do Norte Fluminense (Uenf), Maria Cristina Gaglianone, submitted two projects to Mais Ciência. One is in the area of ​​basic education improvement, “Pollinator Gardens: A Strategy for Learning and Biodiversity Conservation” and aims to transform public school gardens into learning spaces, enable students to engage in scientific research as actors in monitoring biodiversity and ecological functions, and incorporate science literacy for children and youth .

Another project, “Urban Wild Bees: Combining Ecosystem Services and Environmental Education”, aims to contribute to the city’s green spaces being places for environmental education actions, and acts as a tool to raise awareness of environmental issues fundamental to quality of life. The human.

Mais Ciência is a very important initiative to bring universities and municipal administration closer together, in building solutions to current requirements. It is an opportunity for students to participate in research that contributes to improving the quality of life in Campos and it is also an opportunity for the municipal administration to know and appreciate the sciences that are carried out in the teaching and research institutions of our municipality. My expectations with the project approval and the involvement of colleagues is to expand the scope of the research that we are already doing in the CIEP Arnaldo Viana Municipal School and in the green areas of Campos, so that we can contribute to raising community awareness about environmental issues, forming citizens aware of the responsibility to make our city more sustainable, and collaborating to achieve the goals 2030 Agenda”.

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The objective of Mais Ciência is to support, through the award of scholarships and bench fees, the development of projects of interest to departments, agents and other bodies of the City Council, in order to stimulate the scientific and extension career and to train new researchers in higher education institutions (HEIs), and to clarify research and activities with requirements Necessary for the process of social and economic development in the municipality of Campos dos Goytacazes. The value of the IC, IT or Ext scholarship will be R$483.00 per month. The bench fee for the consulting professor will be R$1500.00, paid in two installments.


Release Notice – 04/06/2022

Application period – 04/06/2022 to 05/16/2022

Choice – 05/17/2022 to 06/20/2022

Disclosure of the preliminary result – 06/29/2022 AD

Resources – 06/30/2022 and 07/01/2022

Announcing the final result – 07/08/2022

Signing Grant Duration – 07/15/2022 to 07/29/2022

Scholarship start – 01/08/2022