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6 surnames coming from wealthy families

6 surnames coming from wealthy families

mountain Genealogy Not an easy task. Returning to the past can take a lot of time and effort. Furthermore, many documents may be lost over time, making the process more difficult.

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Fortunately, there are surnames that can help identify traces of our origins. Some of them can tell you if you have the DNA of important families or even members of the royal family.

6 surnames confirm that their origin is linked to wealthy families

Below is a list of surnames that may explain the origin of your family tree:

1. Ludovico

This surname is used to refer to a famous, well-known and warrior person. Because it is derived from Ludwig, it can also symbolize glory and fame. In the past, people with this name were associated with nobility.

2. Navy

The Marino surname has Iberian origins dating back to the time of Alexander the Great. It is associated with people who worked at sea, such as sailors.

3. Bragança

It is not common to find this title, as it is directly related to the Brazilian royal family. Although it is not exclusive to her. Generally, it means “castle” or “castle”, which automatically refers to people associated with nobility.

4. Bleached

Another noble title is Caiado. Although its origin is somewhat obscure, the name was born as a way to refer to people who used the dye on their faces to lighten their skin. This was, in fact, a strange custom of the nobility, especially in the regions of the Iberian Peninsula.

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5. Alcantara

Another surname with origins in European regions. It goes back to large landowners or people who helped build cities.

6. Paulhus

It is not known for sure, but the surname may have Belgian, Portuguese or Spanish origins. But what is certain is that the people who carry it have ancestors who were from very important families.