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Anyone born on these four dates can thank heaven: they bring great luck!

Anyone born on these four dates can thank heaven: they bring great luck!

Did you know that there are some birth dates that bring good luck for life? If not, then you need to learn about the wonderful world of Japanese beliefs – yes, we are talking about astrology, but not the science you already know.

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So, adjust your kimono and get ready to find out if your date of birth is one of the luckiest according to the Japanese.

April 26 – Omayo-no-hai

We open our special show on April 26, known as Umaio-no-hi. According to the Japanese, this day is filled with the divine energy of the gods! Imagine being born on a day like this? In other words, they say that everyone who comes into the world in Umaio-no-hi has a talent to spare and a bright path in the academic and artistic world and even in entrepreneurship.

So, it's as if luck were a constant shadow, tracking your every move and whispering brilliant ideas. However, technology, art, business…no matter the field, success seems to be a close friend!

Lucky dates of birth: May 5 – Tango-no-sekku

And now we move on to May 5th, the famous tango no seko, or as it is affectionately called: Kodomo no Hai. So, on this Boys' Day, Japanese families celebrate their little warriors, wishing them strength and prosperity.

Born under this mantle of energy, these individuals are seen as assertive and strong leaders, true potential leaders. In other words, it's as if every step is a step towards the top, with a flexibility that makes you envy!

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July 23 – Chuyo no Seiko

Arriving on July 23, we have Choyu no Seiko, also known as Star Day. This history is special, you know? In other words, it is about protection from adversity, whether in health, love or work.

Anyone born on this day seems as if they have an invisible shield and a personal guiding star. Drive, iron health and a little luck in love are the hallmarks of these lucky people.

Blessed Birth Dates: August 5 – Hasako no Seiko

Last but not least, August 5 comes to Hasako no Seiko, a celebration of the hope for a bountiful harvest. What does it say about those born on this day? These are the tireless workers, the determined dreamers who leave nothing behind.

In other words, professional success is almost a title for these people, and life always seems to prepare the best fruits for them to reap.