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6 events in 2024 in the world – from politics to science

6 events in 2024 in the world – from politics to science

5. In Indonesia, a new capital has emerged

When: August 17

In 2024, this will be the new city the The new capital of Indonesia. Jakarta is too 1945 (the year of independence) for the aesthetic tastes and security needs of the 21st century. Nusantara It will then replace the traditional Indonesian political and economic center in August. This situation is not expected to change Jakarta's situation – just look at other countries like Brazil or Australia, where capitals built from scratch have not become the most important cities in their countries. However, this Pharaonic project, which costs $35 trillion, is led by the president Joko Widodoaiming to reduce the economic gap between the island of Java, where Jakarta is located, and the rest of the country, promises to get people talking this year.

The project took into account several factors, such as security (especially geological, in an area under constant attack by earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and hurricanes) and access to a seaport. Despite all this, he was chosen Borneo island. Moreover, due to urban development and location, Jakarta is slowly sinking. Therefore, moving the entire public structure to the new capital is also a precautionary measure.

The city is designed to be environmentally sustainable and in accordance with the latest energy efficiency standards. She owes her name the Javanese term meaning “outer islands”, referring to the decentralization intention of the Widodo government. The term appears in many historical texts from ancient kingdoms that occupied the Indonesian territorial region and named the area where the city was built before it acquired its current name, Kontai.

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