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Singer Michael Bolton is rushed to have surgery after discovering cancer

Singer Michael Bolton is rushed to have surgery after discovering cancer

Singer Michael Bolton reveals that he underwent hurried surgery after discovering cancer and announces that he will stop performing

the singer Michael Bolton He had to undergo a hurried surgery a few days ago. He said he was diagnosed with brain cancer and doctors chose to perform surgery to remove the tumor. Now the artist is recovering and will be away from the stage for a while.

The news was delivered by Michael through a message to his fans. “Before the end of the year's vacation, I discovered that I had a brain tumor, which required immediate surgery. Thanks to my medical team, the surgery was a success. Now, I am recovering at home surrounded by the love and support of my family.“, He said.

He added about his professional vacation:It's always hard to disappoint my fans or postpone a show, but I have no doubt that I'm working hard to speed up my recovery and get back to singing soon. Please know that I hold your positive messages close to my heart and will provide further updates as soon as possible. With love, M.B“.

The singer has three daughters, Issa, Holly and Taryn, and six grandchildren. In his career, he has already won a Grammy Award.

An actress from the series The Big Bang Theory gets rid of cancer

actress Kate MicucciWho played the lead role in the series The big bang theoryHe was declared cancer-free. She was diagnosed with a lung tumor a few days ago and underwent surgery to remove it. Now the star said that the operation was successful and that she is free of the disease.

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She announced the news on social media. “Hi guys. I just wanted to thank you all for the well wishes and all the love I received last week. It meant a lot to me and really came at a time when I needed it, so thank you. I have great news: I'm cancer-free“, She said.

He added: “Last week's surgery went great. All tests showed that the treatment was successful, and you do not need to undergo any further treatment. Thank you so much to all the doctors, nurses and everyone who took such great care of me. And thank you for finding out early, because I'm very lucky and I know that“.