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5 Very Useful ChatGPT Tricks to Organize Your Home and Routine |  productivity

5 Very Useful ChatGPT Tricks to Organize Your Home and Routine | productivity

In addition to content creation, ChatGPT offers tips for making life more organized. Through the chat, users can ask for tips for creating a weekly agenda and to-do list for organizing the house, planning a vacation trip, and more.

It should be noted that the comments from ChatGPT for home organization and routine are just suggestions for making your daily life more efficient. So remember to adjust the suggestions according to your routine and reality and the app has some limitations. Here are some tips to make your life more organized.

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Find out ChatGPT tricks that are very useful for you to organize your home and routine – Photo: Gabrielle Garcia / TechTudo

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1. Ask ChatGPT to create a weekly schedule

ChatGPT is a great ally for weekly planning. The intelligence platform offers the possibility to create an agenda, list the daily activities and make suggestions to make the routine more efficient and ensure some moments of rest.

In our tests, we started prompting to help create a weekly schedule. Then I included some static events, like working 9am-6pm on weekdays, brisk runs on the beach on Saturday mornings, and the like. As a result, the chatbot returned a list of activities separated by days of the week.

Have ChatGPT create a weekly schedule – Image: Reproduction / TechTudo

2. Ask ChatGPT for help to organize your home

The week is almost over, but there’s a lot to pack home. Suddenly you ask yourself: where do I start? Well, ChatGPT can also help you by creating a to-do list to do your weekend cleaning.

And the request is simple. Just send a message like “I want to clean my house. Make a to-do list.” If you prefer, you can also customize the answer, listing the rooms, noting places that deserve more attention and the like.

Ask ChatGPT for help to organize your home – Image: Reproduction / TechTudo

3. Ask for advice on healthy habits and well-being

ChatGPT also breaks down some tips for having a calmer life. When making requests, such as “I need advice on healthy habits and well-being,” the platform lists some healthy and well-being habits to slow down on busy days and get more rest.

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But remember: everyone is unique and what works for one person may not work for another. Therefore, use only the tips that fit your daily life, without compromising your needs. You also need to consult a doctor or specialist before adhering to the guideline.

Ask for tips on healthy habits and well-being – Image: Reproductive / TechTudo

4. Ask for entertainment and leisure tips to relax

If you finish your working day and are looking for fun at the end of the day, ask ChatGPT for entertainment and entertainment tips. Immediately, the chatbot will present a list of activities to help you disconnect after a long day at work.

You can also order lists of books and series to follow or even run marathons over the weekend. To do this, simply ask questions, such as “Recommend me action movies to watch”, or “Suggest me books on technology”, among other requests.

Ask for entertainment and entertainment tips to relax – Image: Reproduction / TechTudo

5. Use ChatGPT to plan trips

ChatGPT is useful even on holidays. By sending the message “Help me plan a vacation”, the platform will offer you a basic route for you to prepare for the trip. Tips range from choosing a destination to building an itinerary and organizing your bag.

If the trip is already booked, you can even request a schedule so you don’t miss the main sights. Thus, you will have access to a list of activities separated by travel days with tips on places to visit. But remember to confirm the information before you travel!

Use ChatGPT to plan trips – Image: Reproduction / TechTudo