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Google implements an innovative feature in Google Images

Google implements an innovative feature in Google Images

Google Photos has just released an update that promises to give users more control and creativity when editing their photos. The novelty allows turning any image in the library into a cinematic image, with a cinematic zoom effect similar to a 3D effect, highlighting the main focus of the image.

Previously, the decision of which images would get the effect was in the hands of Google. However, the new enhanced version of the feature allows users to convert any image into a movie image, which is saved as a short video clip along with the original image.

The feature was introduced in 2020 and updated in 2022, but users now have the ability to create cinematic photos on demand, promising to enrich the memories recorded in photos.

Learn how the new Google Photos update works

With this update, users will be able to choose which images they want to apply the cinematic effect to, allowing them to tell stories by combining those selected images into longer video sequences.

In addition, the new cinematic visuals maintain the original aspect ratio and are rendered in up to 4K resolution instead of 1080p. This update makes the feature a useful tool for users, allowing them to create true masterpieces with their photos.

Prior to the update, Google Photos applied the cinematic effect randomly and infrequently to photos selected by users.

How to use the new features in Google Photos

To use this feature, just open the Google Photos app, go to the Library tab and click on the Utilities button. The option to create a movie clip will appear under the section labeled Create New.

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The user can select a single image and adjust the slider below to choose how long they want the animation to last. Then, just hit “Save” and you’re done.

It should be noted that the first time the feature is used, a separate 30MB download is required, which indicates that it acts as a new plugin for the Google Photos app.

This means that some of the processing needed to create cinematic still images has been moved from Google’s servers to the local device, which may affect the speed of the feature depending on the processing power of the device.

With this novelty, Google Photos offers users a new way to create creative and interesting content for their social networks. Try it now and amaze your followers with amazing cinematic visuals!