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5 Things Walt Disney Didn’t Like About His Animators

5 Things Walt Disney Didn’t Like About His Animators

known as Walt DisneyAnd Walter Elias Disney He left a great legacy in the world of cinema. In addition to co-founding The Walt Disney Company, Walter He was a film producer, cinematographer, director, screenwriter, voice actor, animator, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

The creator of many famous characters to this day, such as Snow White, the married couple Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and Princess Ariel, among others, has been recognized for his pioneering spirit in the field of animation with Disneyand they are still very good at creating a complex of theme parks in the country where he lived, in the United States.

However, despite this entire portfolio of waltzHe has always been a very perfectionist with his creations, and always has high expectations for his projects. Knowing this, RECREIO went after 5 things Walt Disney He didn’t like it in his animation. Check it out below:

1. Style 101 Dalmatians

With a drawing style that harkens back to the look of a dirty, scratchy drawing, in “101 Dalmatians,” as reported by the production expert, he says that this style happened because of the use of a Xerox machine so that animation became something faster and easier. despite of, waltz He did not like this style very much and found it difficult to get used to this aesthetic.

101 Dalmatians. / Credit: Reproduction / Disney

2. Heartless

On Alice in Wonderland, with its release in 1951, the film was criticized even by Time, who claimed at the time that the film “lacked a developed plot”.

The most curious thing is that waltz agreed to this claim. According to the book Leonard MaltinDisney Movies, the creator of the animation didn’t like the title character’s lack of heart.

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Alice in Wonderland / Credit: Reproduction / Disney

3. Peter Pan’s cooler

Despite being a very likable character in the original novel, Peter Pan still has some not-so-nice attitudes, for example being selfish and stubborn.

However, even with the production of Disney This insensitive side of the boy is not shown, waltz Disappointed with the situation. In addition to, Bob Thomas says so waltz It is believed that Peter was cool in the biopic “Walt Disney: An American Origin”.

Peter Pan. / Credit: Reproduction / Disney

4. Goofy

Goofy is one of Disney’s most clumsy characters, and he even has his own movie. However, if Walt were still alive, audiences likely wouldn’t see a movie of the character. the reason? second Neil Gabler In an interview republished by The Mouse Castle, waltz The character is seen as a step backwards for the production company, merely being “a dumb cartoon with jokes attached”.

sucker. / Credit: Reproduction / Disney

5. The spaghetti scene from “Lady and the Tramp”

The moment two dogs share spaghetti Walt Disney It was a ridiculous scene, as revealed in behind-the-scenes footage from the 2006 re-release of the film. Frank Thomas He did the scene in secret so that the director would leave it in the production.

Lady and the Tramp. / Credit: Reproduction / Disney