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Cara de Sabato’s mother publishes stories after she was fired

Wilma Montero, Cara de Sabato’s mother, published stories after her son left BBB 23 (Globo).

Along with Gimi, the fighter was eliminated after the incidents of sexual harassment that occurred at the final boss party.

Wilma shared on Instagram a snippet of the moment Dania was called to the confessional to speak to a production of La Casa de Los Famosos.

In contrast, the Mexican is very emotional, crying and saying that she feels bad about the situation that happened.

How was the conversation?

Dania said she still feels bad about the situation.

Dania: “I feel bad because you know me, you know I’m a heart and these two are for me… They took me in so well, they have such a lovely energy and they were so dear here, and Sapatito in particular was a very good person with me, no matter what kiss you stole.”

I feel bad for them, because they have dreams like me and they came here for the best show. I feel a little bad for them because I know they are good people. I understand that here they protect women, and I appreciate it very much. I hope with faith in God that they are well. Dania

What happened?

MC GuimĂȘ and Cara de Sapato have been accused of making advances on and sexually harassing Dania Mendez. The funk singer has been caressing the influencer’s ass on and off several times, even without her consent.

On the other hand, Sabato forced a kiss on the Mexican and made advances on her on the bed in Fondo do Mar’s room. BBB’s production came to his attention.

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