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What was Dania Mendes’ first 24 hours like in reality?

What was Dania Mendes’ first 24 hours like in reality?

Collaboration with Splash in Sao Paulo

03/16/2023 09:30 amupdate in 03/16/2023 11:20 a.m

This Wednesday, Dania Mendez debuted on BBB 23 (Globo). On the other hand, Key traveled to Mexico to participate in the reality show La Casa de Los Famosos.

Next, see what it was like to debut the Mexican on the Brazilian show.

BBB replacement 23

Dania Mendes, who first appeared on the show yesterday afternoon, provided more details about her coming to Brazil. Celebrities commented on:

Separation from Arturo

BBB 23: Dania tells the fate of her relationship with Arturo Carmona

Photo: Playback / Globo

She famously explained that she is her own priority now and has different goals than Arturo, which is why she decided to end the relationship. Dania met Case in the original reality.

Dania: “He is a very handsome gentleman and I love him very much. But now he is not what I am looking for. I do not want children now. I want my dreams, what I will become.” […] I can’t lie to myself or him.”


Even the attention Dania took from the production. The sister, who is in the VIP, is called by the production after taking the chocolates from the Leader’s Room and going to the kitchen. With this, Bruna made it clear that she could not take multiple calls, or she would be punished.

Tadeo Schmidt’s joke

The presenter did not miss the opportunity to play with the new member of the house. Still, he said, the celebrity must point to someone to get rid of. After that, he bid farewell to the participants and asked them to enjoy the party and stressed the need for brothers to be careful with the offspring afterwards.

call brother

Gabriel Dania - Clone / Globoplay - Clone / Globoplay

BBB 23: Dania and Gabriel Santana plan a trip to Mexico

Photo: Playback / Globoplay

Dania Mendes has hardly arrived in Brazil and has already invited Gabriel Santana to travel to Mexico. The conversation started because the actor mentioned he had an aunt who lived in the country.

Dania: “You gotta go with me. High parties! Lots of rainbows. You gotta go with me, Gabriel.”

Gabriel: “I will follow you on Instagram.”

Dania: “Me too! Let’s travel. My home is yours.”

Unwanted caresses

Drink more than the bill. During the party, Dania Mendez received a caress from MC Guimê on the back which she did not like. With this gesture, the sister removed the singer’s hands closely.

On Twitter, the public viewed the artist’s behavior as harassment. The singer’s wife, Lexa, said she was not feeling well and needed some time off.

bog down

After praising Cara de Sapato’s beat at Líder MC Guimê’s concert, Dania starts dancing with the fighter. However, she slipped on the track and fell, and the participants rescued her.


Dania BBB 23 - Clone / Globoplay - Clone / Globoplay

BBB 23: Dania hurts her hand after falling on the dance floor

Photo: Playback / Globoplay

After falling on the dance floor, Dania injures her left hand. Despite saying she was fine, the sister appeared holding an ice pack.

Forced click

At the fourth bottom of the sea,

#BBB23 pic.twitter.com/jKKfWi0b37

– SplashUOL (Splash_UOL) March 16, 2023 > Sabato pecked his sister at him, and then the famous woman called the cheeky fighter and added that he couldn’t drink any more whiskey.

caresses on the quilt? The celebrity still kissed the influencer’s neck and threw a quilt over the two.

On social media, the audience did not like the scene and accused the participant of harassment.

splash I contacted Globo Consulting for comment on the issue, but there was no response. Once there is a response from the broadcaster, the story will be updated.

The fallout from the relationship between Sabato and Dania

In addition to the public’s negative reflections on social networks, Amanda and Kay commented on the relationship between Cara de Sabato and Dania. While Ky was uncomfortable with their involvement, Amanda was supportive of the fighter.

In the conversation, the athlete shot: “If my girlfriend sits on a guy’s lap, I’m sorry, but she’s going back to Mexico alone. I don’t want to see her. She’s so heavy. It’s the same if I’m with a cowboy.” [Gustavo] Over there in Brazil, come here and stay with one of you for free.”

On the other hand, Amanda pointed out: “A little pouting. You weren’t just pouting, no. You were actually pouting.”

POLL UOL: Should Guimê and Sapato be fired after accusations of harassment?


Playback / Globoplay


Playback / Globoplay

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