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5 amazing secrets you probably didn't know

5 amazing secrets you probably didn’t know

Digital banks, such as Inter and Nubank, are beginning to use mobile phones to carry out activities that were previously face-to-face. The pandemic has led to an increase in online shopping, which requires less bureaucratic payment methods. It didn’t take long for the platforms to offer investment options.

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Through its association with financial institutions, Pix has completely transformed the domestic finances of millions of Brazilians. With the app, transferring money within 24 hours and without fees for individuals has become a reality. The ease of use of the application, with its user-friendly interface, has made the country’s economy more dynamic.

Get the most out of Pix by using all its features creatively

Send a message to a friend or friend

Known as PixTinder, the trend of sending messages along with monetary value, even a few cents, has made the mailing app really neat.

Send a birthday gift

Many people are hesitant when buying a birthday gift, so the best alternative is to send the birthday person an amount to spend on whatever they want.

Make your own pix

Currently, most digital banks offer transaction by pixel, so take the opportunity to organize your money into different accounts, and transfer money when you need it.

Create a QR code for specific or fixed payments

If you receive transfers frequently, create a switch so people can scan and transfer money in a convenient way. It is also possible to provide a code with a specific payment amount.

Get discounts on payment

In online or physical retail stores, many merchants offer discounts if purchased at pix, due to the ease and absence of fees.

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