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4 attitudes common here but problematic in other countries!

4 attitudes common here but problematic in other countries!

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Discovering different cultures around the world is great, but it is important to remember that every country has its own customs and customs. Thus, to avoid embarrassment and ensure positive interactions throughout your life international travelIt is essential to be aware of the things you should not do to others countries.

Things you should not do in other countries

Don’t smile in Russia

In Russian culture, a simple smile can convey a message further than you might think. While in many countries smiling is considered a friendly and welcoming gesture, in Russia the situation is a little different.

There, smiling can be seen as an intimate attitude indicating a genuine closeness towards the other person. However, if you do not know the person, this gesture can be interpreted as insincere.

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You don’t eat everything on your plate in China

in trip to chinaIt is important to know and respect local cultural traditions. An interesting aspect related to the habit of not eating everything on the plate. This is because, unlike some Western cultures, in China, leaving a little bit of food on the plate is a courtesy gesture towards the host. This indicates that the meal was filling and satisfying.

Make sure to say “Hi” in France

In French culture, greetings play an important role in social interaction and showing mutual respect. A key aspect of French etiquette is the appropriate greeting when meeting someone, which usually begins with the words “Bonjour, madame / monsieur” (Good morning, madam / sir).

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Thus, this kind gesture establishes a basis for respect and consideration, and its absence is seen as impolite or even a show of superiority.

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Do not open a gift immediately in India

In the country of ancient traditions, India, there is a strange custom that can surprise visitors: gift etiquette. While in many parts of the world you are expected to open a gift right away, in India it’s a different story. Opening a gift the moment it is received is considered greedy.

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