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Find the eagle that lost a leg

Find the eagle that lost a leg

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Photo – Playback / Online Series / Canva

to the Eagles They are stately birds, known for their strength and elegance. Because of this, they are considered symbols of power and freedom. They belong to the Accipitridae family and are distinguished by their large size and excellent vision, which allows them to hunt.

On average, an eagle can reach a wingspan of between 1.8 and 2.5 metres. Their plumage is dark and strong, allowing them to fly high in the sky. They have sharp claws and a strong beak that is capable of tearing apart its prey.

Birds of prey have a visual ability that allows them to see their prey from great distances. They can be found on almost every continent except Antarctica.

Some species prefer to stay near rivers and lakes, while others inhabit open areas such as mountains and steppes. Vultures tend to be solitary and territorial, and build nests in high places.

This is a hunting strategy, so they can see their prey more easily. Their nests are built with twigs and lined with materials such as moss and feathers. We have created a small quiz that aims to test your attention span.

Find the water that lost one of the feet:

Photo – Playback / Online Series / Canva

Can’t find it? Check out the answer

In the midst of all these vultures, there is one missing a leg. Show that you are fast enough to find them in the shortest possible time.

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