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2.10 meters Turkish woman enters the book of records as the tallest woman in the world

Romesa Gilji, 24, suffers from a rare health condition and has been listed in the Guinness Book of Records again

Reproduction / Guinness World RecordsRomiza Gilji, 24, lives in Turkey and suffers from a rare health condition

Rumaysa Gilji, 24, female, 2.10 m from Karabuk Province in Turkey, Joined Guinness World Records As the tallest living woman in the world. According to her, her height is 2.15 meters, which is the result of a rare condition called Weaver’s syndrome, which causes accelerated growth. “Every flaw can be turned into an advantage for you, so accept yourself as you are. Be aware of your potential and do your best,” Gilji said in an interview. She already has her name on registration book. In 2014, she was named the tallest living teenager. Because of his rare condition, Gilgi needs a wheelchair to get around and sometimes walks with a treadmill. Guinness editor-in-chief Craig Glenday commented on the young woman. “His indomitable spirit and pride in standing in the middle of the crowd is inspiring,” he commented. In the men’s category, Sultan Kosen is the tallest man in the world at 2.51 meters, elected in 2018. He is also from Turkey.

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