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10 Best-Selling Pickup Trucks of February 2024 From Strada to Mitt L200

10 Best-Selling Pickup Trucks of February 2024 From Strada to Mitt L200

Mitsubishi L200: Among the top 10 minivans for February 2024

Photo: Mitsubishi/Car Guide

Pick-up trucks needed 48 places in the overall standings to make up the top ten in February 2024. Topping the list, as always, is the Fiat Strada (P1 overall), which received 8.5 thousand registrations during the month. It concludes with the Mitsubishi L200 Triton (P54 overall), which achieved 889 sales.

The podium was completed in February by the Volkswagen Savero with 4,100 sales and the Toyota Hilux with almost 4,000 registrations.

For Stellantis, although the Fiat Toro was only in 4th place with 3k sales, the month was positive, as 5th place began to be consolidated with the Ram Rampage which achieved 2.1k licenses in the month.

The Chevrolet S10, Ford Ranger, Chevrolet Montana and Renault Oroch qualified from sixth to ninth.

Nissan Frontier Pro-4X

Photo: Nissan/CarGuide

Initially, we put the Nissan Frontier in 10th place, but that's because the Mitsubishi L200 appears with two names in the rankings: L200 and Triton. Mitsubishi contacted us and we made the correction.

The figures were released to Guia do Carro by consultancy Jato Dynamics. See below the position and sales of the top 11 pickup trucks in February.

The new Nissan Frontier is betting on the adventure version

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First Fiat Strada – 8,568

Volkswagen Savero II – 4,127

Toyota Hilux III – 3,995

Fourth place Fiat Toro – 3,044

Rampage Ram V – 2,101

6 Chevrolet S10 – 2020

Ford Ranger VII – 1,885

Eighth Chevrolet Montana – 1,858

9 Renault Oroch – 977

10th Mitsubishi L200 – 889

XI Nissan Frontier – 715

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