Pumpkin Day at the Lodi Valley Farmers Market!

by Free Speech on October 7, 2011

Lodi, WI~

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Lodi’s great pumpkin will be discovered at the Lodi Valley Farmers’ Market on Friday!

May 13 seems like a lifetime ago and it was for pumpkins.  That day Lodi Valley farmers
market gave out 300 packets of seeds to anyone who wanted to join in the fun.  150
Lodi middle school ag students under the direction of Michelle Maier joined in the contest,
vendors, master gardners and novice gardners alike took the challenge.  Each grower has
their own secret way of making the pumpkin grow.  Some thew the seeds in the garden and ignored
them, while others created secret potions to increase size.   All with gather at the market on Friday.

Now the day of reckoning has arrived!  Friday at 5:00 pm a trophy for the largest diameter
and a trophy for the heaviest pumpkin will be awarded by Al Treinen, Mr. Lodi Pumpkin master
himself.   Pumpkins will start arriving mid afternoon and all will be registered, measured, and weighed.

Stop by while you shop!  It will be a great harvest day the market on Friday.  Meet us next to
Koltes from 2-6.

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