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by Gail Lamberty on August 5, 2010

Lodi, WI~

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Gail Lamberty, Market Manager for the Lodi Valley Farmer's Market in Lodi, WI

Gail Lamberty, Market Manager for the Lodi Valley Farmer's Market in Lodi, WI

When Tom Vilsack, US secretary of Agriculture, proclaims August 1-7, 2010 as National Farmers Market Week, I join him in singing the praises of our vendors and shoppers.

If you’ve ever been involved in writing proclamations for government officials (and I have) you know it is all about the Whereas this and Whereas that. It’s very official generic language. Tom Vilsack’s says: Whereas farmers markets play a key role in developing local and regional food systems, support family farms, revitalize local communities, provide important outlets for producers and the opportunity for farmers and consumers to interact; and

True words……

However on the down home level, I think we can honor and celebrate our very own Lodi Valley Farmers’ Market, now 10 years old. You the shoppers have been coming for 10 years to buy from our growers. Our vendors are the very best. They plant, they weed, they grow, they pick, and then they package just for you. They are in their gardens early on Friday morning fighting giant mosquitoes these days, to pick those pickles, dig those carrots and cut that cabbage to bring to Lodi Friday afternoons.

We’re going to give our vendors lemonade on Friday. Stop by to give them a pat on the back, or a hardy thank you from our shoppers who are just as important to our vendors as the US Secretary of Agriculture. Maybe even more so, because they see you more often.

See you at the Lodi Valley Farmers’ Market at the Koltes Village Green on Friday from 2-6 pm.

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