Kyakers Go Away!!!!

by Free Speech on April 24, 2016

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Disabled KayakersOnMirrorLake by Gary N-ski


WISCONSIN DELLS (WKOW) — A launch site for kayakers is closing in the dells, due to concerns for the young campers nearby.

Debbie Kinder can’t believe her days paddling out of Upham Woods are over.

“I’m very concerned, Black Hawk Island is the safest most beautiful place on the Upper Dells, I’m very concerned that we don’t have easy access to it anymore,” Kinder said.

Kinder serves as president for The Steward of the Dells of the Wisconsin River.  She believes the new fence blocking access near the UW Extension camp site is senseless.

“I was just shocked to find out that the fence went up last night, that was real quick,” she said.

Several locals have already voiced their opinions about the the fence, one even going so far as to leave at least 30 dead carp in front of the site.

Wisconsin Dells Mayor Brian Landers isn’t mincing words about the discovery.

“This is a camp for kids and if you are going to stoop to the level of doing something as juvenile as putting dead carp out, well quite frankly, I hope you’re caught, I hope you are prosecuted.”

Mayor Landers says he is working with the UW Extension to find a solution, that may involve another Upham Woods entrance.

“This is kind of a quasi-launch pad because of the slope of the river it was used, they have other areas that are maintained that have easy access in and out, that’s what we are targeting,” Mayor Landers said.

UW Extension 4-H Youth State Program Director Dale Leidheiser says too much trash and even threats to campers, led to the decision to cut access to the private property.

“I hate to get to the point where people to an entitlement for things they have done in the past,”  Leidheiser said.

Kinder says this isn’t over.

“The campers need to learn about working together instead of drawing lines and putting up fences,” she said.

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