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Zilu Godoy gets green card and becomes US resident – Entertainment

Zilu Godoy gets green card and becomes US resident – Entertainment

Zilu Godoy receives his green card after years of living in the USA

Zilu Godoy has lived in the United States for years and has finally managed to become a resident of the North American country. The social star posted a video on Instagram celebrating her obtaining a green card, a document that allows an immigrant to live legally in the United States of America.

“Since I decided to move here, a few years ago, I have gone through many challenges and obstacles, but I have never given up on my dream,” she said. “Today, seeing this dream come true is an indescribable feeling of happiness and gratitude.” Ex-wife of Zizi de Camargo.

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Because he was in the process of obtaining a green card, Zilo spent years unable to leave the United States. She was unable to come to Brazil to visit her family, so much so that she spent a long period without seeing her children, who were unable to travel abroad to visit her during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Because she was unable to come to Brazil, the influencer was accused of abandoning her mother, Doña Via, in Brazil. Now that she is officially a resident of the United States, Wanessa Camargo's mother said she is already looking for tickets so she can reunite with her relatives.

“I am very happy, look at what I received, my green card. Today I am a resident of the United States, and I will be able to travel and go anywhere I want. I am even looking for a ticket to go to Brazil and see my mother, my children, my family and my country,” said Zilo Godoy. IM so happy”.

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Watch the social star's video below:

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