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Zakharova pays tribute to the leaders who proposed peace in Ukraine

Zakharova pays tribute to the leaders who proposed peace in Ukraine

Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry

Petersburg, Tass – Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told TASS news agency in an interview that peace initiatives to settle the Ukrainian conflict proposed by several countries contain ideas that could work.

In response to a question from a TASS reporter at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2023 (SPIEF) whether there are applicable ideas in the plans for a peaceful solution proposed by other countries, Zakharova replied, “Of course there are.”

“I repeat that we are grateful to all countries, to all states or to all public figures – because many initiatives have been proposed personally by eminent and world figures; we are grateful to everyone who talks about peace, who talks about a peaceful solution and who wants to help in this matter.

“There are interesting ideas that could work. There are ideas that are in line with our approach, for example, this includes the Chinese initiative,” she continued.

Zakharova stressed that the main problem is that such initiatives are hindered by “the Kiev regime, which prevented itself” from conducting any negotiations with Russia.

Follow up on recommendations

All of this has been banned before [o presidente ucraniano Vladimir] Zelensky, because this concept was established by Washington. Washington follows the concept of “Kill as many Russians as possible”. This concept was expressed by prominent representatives of the American political establishment, incl [o ex-presidente dos EUA] George Bush Jr. and Senator [Lindsey] Zakharova said.

The Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman added that Washington adheres to the concept of absolute global domination and Russia’s strategic defeat.

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“They used to talk about it and document it as dismemberment. But now, in a way, they are trying to backtrack publicly — I mean the statements and notions expressed earlier by US diplomats — because now they say that this is not dismemberment of Russia, but a kind of punishment for Russia,” she said. .

“Although it may seem insignificant, they formulated it delicately,” Zakharova said.

So this question is not about the essence of the proposed initiatives, but about the inability of Ukraine to move towards peace due to the blockade imposed by political scientists in Washington. [cientistas políticos dos EUA] We have a completely different vision of the future of Ukraine.

According to her, the United States has no interest in a prosperous and independent Ukraine, because they see this country as an instrument of influence on Russia and the region as a whole.

“So we see her relevant predictions on China and the EU,” she added. This is because Russia is not Washington’s ultimate goal in this game. Their target is definitely China, and they are [Washington] “It will go crazy with its economic growth pace, with its technological development, with its independent path, capabilities, determination, and partnership with other countries,” Zakharova said.

“they [Washington] The European Union also humiliates and causes its own problems as much as possible, while keeping these problems in mind [UE] Reliable partners, allies and dear friends.”

The 26th Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) – Russia’s premier annual economic and business event – takes place from June 14-17. The theme of this year’s forum is: “Sovereign Development as the Foundation for a Just World: Joining Forces for Future Generations”. TASS is the official partner for event information.

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The Expanded Business Program at SPIEF provides participants with the opportunity to participate in more than 140 sessions with more than 1,000 moderators and speakers, according to the Roscongress Foundation.