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Youth Food!  She revealed what you should eat to live longer

Youth Food! She revealed what you should eat to live longer

When you’re shopping at the supermarket, you probably don’t think about your future, but it’s essential. By visualizing what your next few years will be like, with or without vitality, it becomes possible to determine if the ingredients on your list do justice to a healthy body. Re-education of food requires a lot of thought and patience, in search of new habits capable of changing old addictions and eliminating compulsions.

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An unprecedented major study

Research published in JAMA Internal Medicine showed a surprising result involving 75,000 women and 44,000 men, evaluated over 36 years of studies. Their diets were observed and reports were submitted for evidence of three different types of diets: Mediterranean, strict vegetarian, and vegetarian. the plants Which has no rules, eliminate the consumption of carbohydrates, animal proteins and sugars.

More health and energy to enjoy life

Those who were willing to follow vegetarian diets as well as head towards the Mediterranean reduced their risk of developing chronic diseases such as diabetes and Hypertension. Among the scales of evolution, the most noteworthy was the prevention of damage to the respiratory system. The foods in the lists of the most restricted categories were able to increase immunity and slow brain aging.

A solution to diet boredom

The specialists in charge of the research also indicated that there is a feeling of boredom that hinders the adaptation of many who want to acquire healthy habits. However, you don’t need to limit yourself to just one type of food, as there are a variety of balanced alternatives.

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For example, it is possible to spend a few months prioritizing a vegetarian menu and then venturing into Mediterranean recipes, with fish and good fats.

Make sure you take care of your food and live a less rushed life, and seek to think through every choice that will affect your future.