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The employee finds the diamond ring of Marina Ruy Barbosa and explains the alleged separation;  Understanding - Zoira

The employee finds the diamond ring of Marina Ruy Barbosa and explains the alleged separation; Understanding – Zoira

actress Marina Ruy Barbosa the last diamond ring During a luxurious party, last Friday (26), he promised A reward of 10 thousand Brazilian riyals Whoever found the thing. However, according to the portal outside, The employee who was going to find the jewelry while cleaning the floor of the Rosewood Hotel did not receive the payment and still disconnected from services.

I put on gloves and hugged and kissed, I took a picture with a lot of people. At some point, I realized the ring wasn’t on my finger, but they found it and put it back. Phew! ‘, as explained in an interview with columnist Fabia Oliveira, from outside.

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Marina Roy Barbosa with lipstick

Employee Tales Neves claims to have been responsible for Search for the ring. At first he threw the ring in the trash without knowing its value. Having learned that Marina had lost her, he sought to return her to the actress.

According to tales, Marina thanked him but did not pay the reward. “You thanked me very much. Take a picture with me And with two other people, in this case, who were my captain and her right arm.

The employee explains the alleged dismissal

After rumors of being fired, the employee, who was working for an offshore company, clarified that he was Disconnected from hotel service.

“There was no separation from cooperative. Since I’m outsourced and there was, unfortunately, a lack of interest in sweeping the ring as I did on social media, I was Cut from the hotel. I have been working in the cooperative for a long time and know the procedures.”

According to Tales, the company will not officially announce that it is “banned.” “This only happens when you are caught stealing or fighting during an event. Then, in this case, they say: “You don’t come anymore”“.

“But not in my case, they will just say that there is no metric, especially in the hotel events, where the events took place.”

Marina permit

After the fallout from the supposed dismissal of Tales, Speak Marina About the case, claiming that the manager in charge of the boy handed over the ring as if she had found it. “I don’t know anything about this boy,” he said.

“The team introduced me to a girl named Francesca as the one who found the ring. And I, of course, called her, I even took a picture for the recording, and in the second I will arrange send thanks. I don’t understand “.

Finally, the actress added that she took a picture with Francesca because she gave her the ring. “It was my contact with her. I I really don’t know about this guy‘, the actress justified.