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You won’t believe what it does to your body

You won’t believe what it does to your body

Did you know that olive water, a natural by-product of olive oil production, can be beneficial for physical activity? According to a study published in the journal Nutrients, consuming olive oil can boost energy levels during routine workouts. This is especially true with relatively low-intensity workouts.

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The researchers also noted that the participants’ exertion was improved, as was their recovery sharp after the additional exercise. So if you are looking for a way to boost your energy levels during your workout, add olive water to your diet!

Olive water makes you better at running

According to the research team, olive fruit water contains hydroxytyrosol and can improve several indicators of respiratory performance during racing. They found that after 16 days of consumption, olive water could have a positive effect on aerobic exercise. That is, it lowers the cost of oxygen, improving running economy, as well as aiding acute recovery.

Anglia Ruskin University Associate Professor Justin Roberts said the discovery could be useful for those who do regular aerobic training. Moreover, olive water is rich in polyphenols, including hydroxytyrosol. It is also found in olive oil and has antioxidant properties.

Concentrated water will be tested

Justin Roberts, associate professor at Anglia Ruskin University, said he has long been interested in the benefits of polyphenols in exercise. However, to obtain similar advantages, it would be necessary to consume large amounts on a daily basis, which is not feasible.

He explained that the team was excited about testing the concentrated water and that the next step is to do more research to validate the results. In addition, they intend to investigate whether this product can be used for marathon training and recovery. They will also test its effectiveness in suppressing exercise-related inflammation.

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