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“There is a room, huh…”; Gabriel Jesus’ situation changes at Arsenal and Palmeiras finds out

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The striker revealed in Verdão is finding more concern in England and the internet echoes a powerful statement

Getty Images/Katherine Iiffel – Gabriel Jesus has an unusual position at Arsenal

Palmeiras made history again on Friday (3), without even entering the field. For the first time in the 21st century, Verdão was called up by three players by the Brazilian national team, which had been happening for a long time. In addition to goalkeeper Weverton, who is already a well-known face in Amarlinha, only five-time world champions Rafael Vega and Rooney will be represented in a friendly against Morocco. In the midst of bright happiness, A supporter of Palestra does not pass easily in London.

striker Gabriel Jesus Follows recovery process after partial knee collateral ligament injury during World Cup. In a press conference this week, Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta said so The centre-forward will have to fight for a place when he has the conditions to play. Appointed as the London squad’s number 9 shirt, the Brazilian no longer has a guaranteed presence in the starting 11.

“In the beginning, we were really worried about the extent of the injury, because we had so few options. Gabriel has an incredible mentality, and the team has done a great job. He has a lot to do with the team. Let’s see how it goes next week, in ten days’ time. “To get a better idea. We’ll see what level he’ll get back to, and how we’ll help him improve his fitness. Like everyone else, he’ll need to earn his place. We know what he can bring to the team.”declared Mikel Arteta.

Agif/Jeferson Guareze – Gabriel Jesus is revealed in Palmeiras

Do you think Gabriel Jesus still has a place in the Brazilian national team?

Do you think Gabriel Jesus still has a place in the Brazilian national team?

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When we talk about the case The health of Gabriel JesusArteta admitted it The player’s condition is evolving. Even if he hasn’t entered the field yet, the Arsenal forward is at a crucial stage in his recovery from a knee injury. Currently leading the English Premier League, five points ahead of Manchester City, Arsenal can confirm the English championship title even without the top scorer.

“He’s not far. I don’t want to set a deadline, but he’s doing some things with the team and others out there. He’s not too close, but he’s not far. He’s feeling better every day and the doctors are confident about how the injury is progressing. We’re in a good place with him.”He took over as Arsenal coach.

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