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You may have “forgot the money” in the bank;  See how to consult

You may have “forgot the money” in the bank; See how to consult

There are still about R$8.15 billion available for recovery in the receivables system, according to April data released on Friday (7) by the Central Bank. Of the total amount, only R$290 million was recovered in the same month.

If you haven’t already consulted, now is the time to enter the platform and find out if you, a deceased relative or even an old company have forgotten money in banks and other financial institutions – below we tell you step by step.

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What is the receivable value system?

The receivable system is a service of the central bank to check funds forgotten in a bank, association or other financial institution. In addition to checking the amounts due, in the system you can find out how to request them from institutions.

The service can be accessed by both individuals and companies. In addition, the heir, executor, executor or legal representative can also consult the deceased persons’ deceased trustees.

Before consulting, pay attention to these points:

  • Companies need to have a Gov.br account with a linked CNPJ (any type of link, except employee).
  • If you have more than R$100 to receive, you will need to activate double-factor authentication.
  • If you request a money transfer, the Foundation may contact you by phone or email you specified to confirm your identity or answer any questions. This is a security measure, but be careful with scammers: no Give passwords to anyone!

How do I know if I forgot values?

Time needed: 4 minutes

  1. arrive to location Enter your CPF or CNPJ number, date of birth, and characters in the figure
  2. If you have funds to receive, click Access SVR
  3. Log in with your Gov.br account
  4. Access my dues
  5. Acceptance of the term science
  6. See the amount to be received, details of the institution that will return the amount, and other information
  7. If the system provides this, you can click “Order Here” to get the amount per pixel

    If you do not have a Pix Key registered or the option does not appear, you must contact your bank to arrange a return.

  8. ready! Now just wait 12 business days

    You can save the receipt for future reference.

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