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The SC influencer went viral after driving Elon Musk’s Tesla Cybertruck

The SC influencer went viral after driving Elon Musk’s Tesla Cybertruck

Amanda drives a Tesla Cybertruck (Image: Social Networks, Disclosure)

The influencer from Jaragua do Sul sparked curiosity by posting videos with the Tesla Cybertruck, a “futuristic” car created by the brand Elon Musk. Some people believe that Amanda Lonelli bought the car, which may have cost more than R$1.5 million.

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Amanda’s first video was posted on May 23 and has already garnered more than 215,000 views. “Amanda your car was driving all over BC then? Cool,” one follower commented.

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However, the Jaragua native explained that she had the opportunity to drive the futuristic car on a trip to the United States.

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-My brother really loves technology […] And he was in the United States, he rented this car through an individual, on the Turo app, and he was driving there in this car. “I got to the States, met him, and then got to test drive the Cybertruck as well,” Amanda explained.

In addition to seizing the opportunity to take many photos and videos, the businesswoman also enjoyed a moment of steering the car.

– It was very cool, very different, very technological, beautiful, easy, clean, in short, really great, but nothing was agreed upon, closed, or anything. I didn’t go specifically to record, I went on a trip with my family and then we met where I saw the car and filmed – says Amanda.

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Although Amanda has driven a Tesla Cybertruck in the US, it is another car of the same model Seen in Jaragua do Sul. The car was in a workshop in the city, and according to Mateusz Kluzny, the technician in charge of the E-zeni Car Service company, the car was at the institution for calibration, internet installation and launch to be able to drive. The place specializes in the brand and in electric and hybrid cars. After being released by the Jaraguá do Sul workshop, the Cybertruck must be sent to São Paulo.

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The car is 100% electric, has a power of 600 horsepower, has a range of about 500 kilometers, and is made of materials resistant to shocks and firearm bullets up to nine millimeters. The model deviates from the traditional precisely because it is inspired by science fiction vehicles.

It has four doors and the glass roof can be opened, as can the rear protection, which explains why the car handles like a sporty pickup truck.

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