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Xbox Update: November brings compact app mode and other new features

Xbox Update: November brings compact app mode and other new features

Microsoft is about to release the November Xbox Update for both Xbox handhelds as well. We have some new good news here.

Hey Compact mode Probably the most noticeable addition to these innovations is introduced with Microsoft’s November 2023 update. Designed to make The Xbox app is more convenient to use on mobile devices With smaller monitors like the ASUS ROG Ally or Lenovo Legion GO, this is a fundamental change in the software interface.

Compact mode is enabled by selecting the appropriate option in the top-left corner of the app, and Microsoft is also making deals with ASUS and other manufacturers to make it the default enabled on mobile devices that support the Xbox app for Game Pass.

Notifications in the app have also been reworked to be more easily visible and better organized, and a specific tool has also been included to guide players to “fix” any issues that may arise with the app and connected games.

As for the Xbox Series Among them is support for physical and virtual keyboards with Japanese layouts, which was still missing from Microsoft’s gaming consoles.

A has been added Specific notification for games in wishlistswhen you become part of promotions such as “Free Game Days” that allow you to try them for free, and a two-factor authentication process with the smartphone has also been added to be able to redeem reward prizes on the console, through the option in the profile.


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