The government is further easing controls, citing ever-evolving epidemiological data.

Corona virus – second year

It has been more than a year since Chinese officials reported a new, fast-spreading virus to the WHO. Since then, there has been hardly a person in the world who has not heard the word Covid-19, and mourns with a new relative or friend for several weeks, while the new disease is over, the reserves have collapsed in weeks, and our whole life has been rewritten by the epidemic. Now, vaccinations are complete, which not only raises a lot of questions of hope, but at the same time threatens another mutation, not just stopping the virus. Details of this fight can be found in our series of articles.

In the days leading up to next Tuesday’s election, another restriction imposed due to the corona virus outbreak will be lifted in Israel on Friday, ynet news portal Jedi Ahronot reported.

The cabinet, which determines the epidemic, took further steps to open up the Israeli economy, including the entertainment sector, by telephone vote on Thursday night, following steady improvements in epidemiological data following high levels of vaccination.

Until Friday afternoon, the new rules will apply from five o’clock, and in closed halls – where the number of seats exceeds five thousand – more than 30 per cent of the seats will not be occupied by the people, but in no case more than three thousand. In small, enclosed facilities, the number of participants should not exceed one thousand, as well as half of the seats in the hall.

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More than 10,000 open-air stadiums can accommodate up to 30 percent, up to 5,000 people. This weekend, five thousand fan camps can attend matches held in large stadiums.

They can also open outdoor swimming pools, beaches and tourist sites. Non-visitors, including children, can visit the open-air pools and parks.

Again, they can organize exhibitions and sports competitions in Israel according to the “green” rules, i.e. those who have already been vaccinated, those who have recovered from the corona virus infection and the latest negative tests.

If people were sitting in one place at an event they could not eat now, but if they were standing, they could be served food and drink, which means for now, only standing receptions can be held. Meetings of up to three hundred people can be held indoors, but with these restrictions up to five hundred people can be held in open areas. The cinemas are not open yet.

High school students over the age of 16, who are already 90 percent vaccinated, can go on multi-day class trips or youth movement tours. Facilities were introduced to schools, and small group restrictions were removed in some lower classes.

Henceforth, rapid tests for the corona virus will also appear in Israel: they will be used in hotels to test children under the age of 16 who have not yet been vaccinated, and for some reason those who have not been vaccinated themselves may enter after such negative tests.

The cedar evening, which marks the beginning of the Passover holiday commemorating the Egyptian retreat, may be held at the end of next week with valid assembly restrictions, i.e. twenty members of a family may celebrate at home, and fifty may commemorate the first night as an eight-day holiday.

On Wednesday, 17,475 people were vaccinated for the first time and 58,653 for the second time – three weeks later – with a formula developed jointly by Pfizer and Bioendech. So far, 5,147,284 people have received the first and 4,467,249 second doses of the immunization campaign, representing 55.35 percent of the country’s population. Israel is the world leader in population vaccination.

Of the 80,039 trials performed, 1,517 virus carriers were identified, representing 2 percent. During the current, relapse phase of the third wave of the epidemic, 22,028 active infections have been recorded by the Ministry of Health, and 825,420 corona virus infections have been identified since the outbreak. The disease has killed 6,069 people in Israel since February last year.

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Pfizer and Modern vaccines also protect the babies of nursing mothers


A researcher at the University of Tel Aviv directly recommends that pregnant women be vaccinated against whooping cough and influenza during the last trimester of pregnancy because their results suggest that they can develop protection against other viruses in the same way.

Orban also discussed the opening of a vaccine factory in Israel

MTI / hvg.huAt home

Victor Orban supported the manufacture of Israeli ventilators in Hungary and announced that Hungary would also join the Israeli vaccination certification effort.