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Symptoms of dementia are growing in Joe Biden

Democrat Joe Biden has not spoken much in public, and one of the main reasons for this may be the increase in dementia in old age. For the second time since December, Vice President Kamala Harris has been appointed President of the United States and Putin an assassin, sparking massive diplomatic corruption.

During and after the election, the question often arose as to whether Joe Biden’s mentality would allow him to control the United States. Biden Kamala Harris Critic voices intensified again yesterday Called him presidentAs he did in December.

Despite Biden’s confusion, he is signing various presidential decrees.

Most recently, for example To two million immigrants Legal status was granted despite increased chaos on the southern border. Republicans say this is just another oil in the fire, which Biden will only achieve if more immigrants go to the United States.

Biden did not even hold a press conference during his presidency, breaking the 100-year record because there was no long-awaited president. This may also be due to the fact that Democrats do not believe Biden can answer the questions he has been asking for a long time.

US President Joe BidenSource: AFP / Andrew Caballero-Reynolds

One big problem is that under Donald Trump, Russian-US relations stagnated due to the mutual respect shown by the two leaders, and Biden was able to fly to a low point where he last saw US relations with Russia during the Cold War.

Biden recently called Vladimir Putin an assassin, which led to a diplomatic scandal. Putin Given The U.S. said it would like to talk to him on an Internet broadcast. Biden has not yet responded to the president, one of the reasons Putin wants to keep the debate alive without delay.

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