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World of Warcraft on Xbox can now be played via the cloud

World of Warcraft on Xbox can now be played via the cloud

GeForce NOW’s integration with Xbox via the Microsoft Edge browser is a significant milestone for cloud gaming. This collaboration allows gamers to enjoy their favorite PC games on the console platform, thus expanding gaming possibilities and accessibility.

NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW service is known for allowing gamers to stream high-quality PC games to less powerful devices like laptops and smartphones. Now, by extending this capability to Xbox via Microsoft Edge, NVIDIA is opening up a new world of gaming experiences. Reddit users like ReapsNoEviL are already sharing their positive experiences playing titles like World of Warcrafton Ultra settings on Xbox, highlighting the potential of this technology.

The ability to play PC games on Xbox with advanced graphics settings without the need for specialized hardware is a notable advantage. Not only does this give players more flexibility in terms of where and how they play, but it could also be an important step towards a future where cloud gaming becomes the norm, reducing the need for constant hardware upgrades.

As for Xbox Cloud Gaming, it is not yet possible to play Activision Blizzard titles in the cloud, but we hope that will change in the future. It appears that an agreement will have to be reached with Ubisoft due to the CMA, but that has not been reached yet. Strangely for NVIDIA, some ABK games like World of Warcraft itself are already available.

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Who knows, we might have news about this at Xbox Games Showcase 2024, scheduled for June 9. It costs nothing to cheer.