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China announces that the probe landed in the largest crater on the far side of the moon

China announces that the probe landed in the largest crater on the far side of the moon

The Chinese News Agency (Xinhua) said that the Chinese lunar probe “Chang’e-6” landed on the surface of the moon on Sunday (2) Chinese official time.

The landing occurred on Saturday night (1) Brazilian time. According to preliminary information, the probe landed in the Aitken Basin, one of the largest known craters in the solar system, as Agence France-Presse explained, citing information from the Chinese Space Agency.

The landing is the latest progress in China’s space programme. The mission to the far side of the Moon aims to collect samples of lunar materials – soil and rocks – and study them. The Chinese Space Agency announced that the landing area has not yet been explored by humanity.

Lunar mission

Chang’e-6 was launched on May 3 this year, and the mission went through several stages until landing. So far, the equipment has undergone the journey between the Earth and the Moon, braking near the Moon, and entering the Chinese Space Agency reported.

After landing, the probe will complete sample collection within two days. This will be done by using a drill to remove material from underground, and collecting samples on the surface using a robotic arm. Then the probe returns to Earth.

Space program

In 2024, Japan has become the fifth country in the world to carry out a successful space mission to the moon. In addition, China, India, Russia and the United States have already achieved a similar feat.

at recent days China also launched the second module of its space stationIf, in 2022, Pictures of Mars have been published.

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With information from AFP and Xinhua