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World Championship 2022: 'I probably can't be with these guys again,' says Kroc |  lol

World Championship 2022: ‘I probably can’t be with these guys again,’ says Kroc | lol

South Korean fisherman Jong-hoon “Krok” cried a lot with LOUD defeated by Japan’s DetonatioN FocusMe This led to the exclusion of the Brazilian national team Worlds 2022World Championship league of legends, whose entry stage is being played in Mexico City. After the series’ best-five (md5) setback, this Monday, the player wrote a Korean-language message on Twitter saying he might not play with his teammates again.

Croc was one of the people who felt most loudly eliminated at Worlds 2022 – Photo: Liu YiCun / Riot Games

I love my teammates so much that I wondered if I could get to know a better team, team members and coaching staff during my football career. I was so sad about the defeat, but now I’m in tears thinking that maybe I can never be with my teammates again. Even if we broke up, I tried really hard to end it with a smile at the end, but it just didn’t work out like I thought. The DFM Technical Committee has worked hard and I will encourage them to do so,” Kroc wrote on Twitter, according to Google Translate.

LOUD left the Worlds 2022 tournament, still in the entry stage, after losing to DetonatioN FocusMe 3-1 in the first series in a best-of-five (md5). The Brazilian team advanced in the confrontation, but lost the next three matches.

Once again, Brazil’s representative in the LoL World Cup was unable to reach the group stage in the current format of the tournament, which was adopted in 2017.

Downcast, Team LOUD says goodbye to Worlds 2022 – Photo: Liu YiCun / Riot Games

Other LOUD players also spoke out in posts on Twitter after the elimination.

– Here our journey ends, I want to thank everyone who dreamed of and believed in us. I am very proud of what we built to get here. Team/Committee, you shine. Congratulations to the DFM, who outperformed us – broker Tiago “Tinowns” wrote on Twitter.

Unfortunately, our journey ends here, I have a feeling we could have done better, but I have to thank all my teammates, everyone here did their best. Thanks to the fans – said “Seuss” support for Denilson.

– We did not reach our dream, but, for sure, this team will remain in the heart of Brazil – Leonardo “Robo” Top wrote on Twitter.