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Obras de Paul Cézanne no Reino Unido

Works by Paul Cசzanne in the UK

As Tate Modern of London puts it, “After Paul Cசzanne’s static life, landscapes and bath paintings, the history of art has never been the same.” The company defines the French post-Impressionist as the “father of modern painting” because his work established the key to the transition to 20th century art. Now, through the artist’s largest monographic exhibition since the 1990s, his work again amazes and engages people. Opened in Chicago on October 6, it will travel under the name Tate Modern, The EY Exhibition Season in London.

The British Museum says twenty-two paintings by the influential painter will be brought together “in a unique exhibition of a generation.” These include the famous painting from the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Still Life with Fruit Plate. Although the artist’s life and work in Chicago are marked by 80 paintings, watercolors and drawings, Francis Morris, director of Tate Moderns, explained that the high cost of putting together exhibitions of this potential means that the London space “must be very selective”. .

“It starts with one of the visual artist’s first self-portraits, a sophisticated man capturing the capital as he prepares to leave his provincial home for Paris,” Dat Modern Curator Natalia Sidlina told The Guardian. In this way, it traces the events, places and relationships that shaped the work of “one of the most respected and intriguing artists of the late 19th century.” In turn, in another room in the exhibition will be brought together several iconic works of seasonal bathers, including the famous Fathers 1894-1905. Thus, the curator explains, “It aims to understand the artist in his own context, in every detail of it, as an ambitious painter, in a way that strives not to doubt his surroundings.” In addition, Morris explained to the British newspaper that a century ago Tate had rejected the first offers of Cானzanne’s works as “too modern”. However, many years later, Samuel Gordalt, Tate’s revolutionary observer, “established a fund that would effectively specify which artists to buy for the national collection, and Cசzanne was one of them,” said the director of space. , “Tate became the first National Public Museum in the UK with Cசzanne’s paintings in 1924. Since then this artist has indeed been an important part of the collection”.

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However, the company has announced that this will be its last blockbuster exhibition.

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