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With Unimed support, Santa Bárbara opens seven more coronavirus clinical beds أسرة

With Unimed support, Santa Bárbara opens seven more coronavirus clinical beds أسرة

Santa Barbara

Unimed loaned seven hospital beds; This brings the general family designated for coronaviruses to 108 families

by Marina Zanacki

June 02, 2021 at 3:44 pm • Last updated on June 2, 2021 at 7:21 pm

city ​​hall Santa Barbara from the West Seven more clinical beds opened to care for novel coronavirus (COVID-19) patients. The expansion was made possible through a partnership with the cooperative Unimed, which loaned seven hospital beds to the Department of Health, this task free of charge and for an indefinite period.

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The beds have been converted into clinical beds at the Hospital de Campanha, which operates in the Unimep building (Methodesta Piracicaba University), which is also supplied to the municipality.

Unlimited family delivery to Santa Barbara – picture:

With this, seven beds that were in the campaign hospital could have been moved to the emergency room at Edison Manu, and it was increased from 13 to 20 clinical beds on site.

This expansion made available to Santa Barbara de Oeste 108 public families to treat cases of coronavirus infection, distributed as follows:

  • 26 beds in the Covid-19 intensive care unit at Santa Barbara Hospital
  • 20 beds with respirators and 30 beds (without respirators) in the campaign hospital
  • 12 beds with respirators and 20 beds (without respirators) in the emergency room of Dr. Edison Manu.

“Unimed was born in Santa Bárbara d’Oeste and, from the beginning, has committed to actions that encourage the health of the population and the development of the cities in which it operates, so we feel proud to be able to contribute to the barbarian population,” said Unimed CEO Dr. The Municipal Health Department, especially at this time of the pandemic.

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The Mayor of Santa Barbara de Oeste, Rafael Beovizan (PV), has highlighted the importance of the partnership to increase the number of beds in Covid-19.

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“It is about uniting efforts to combat the epidemic, something that affects public health and also health plans that serve the barbarian citizen. Through this important measure, Unimed proves its brethren as a respected company in the region,” said the CEO.