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With 27 cases of bacterial infection, the city of Jequitinhonha closes schools – Gerais

With 27 cases of bacterial infection, the city of Jequitinhonha closes schools – Gerais

The municipal council of Felicio dos Santos, in the city of Jiquitinhonha, issued a decision to suspend classes in schools belonging to the municipal education network in the city, due to the diagnosis of 27 people with scarlet fever, a disease caused by the bacteria Streptococcus pyogenes.

In São João del Rey, in Campo das Fertines, three children who showed symptoms of the disease died in the past two months. There are suspicions that the deaths may have been caused by bacteria, but there is no confirmation of this. The city is located about 500 km from Felicio dos Santos.

Lessons in Jikitinhonha municipality, as well as other activities of the municipal education system at all levels, will be suspended from Thursday (26/10) until Friday (27/10). The decree issued by the city council stated that lost school days will be compensated in the future. Professional wages should not be affected by the situation.

Symptoms seen in those who become infected with streptococcus bacteria are fever, malaise, sore throat or tonsillitis, and spots on the skin. The disease is transmitted from one person to another through contact with droplets of infected saliva or secretions. “The recommendation of the municipal health department is that if the disease is detected, isolation and closure of school units should be carried out,” the city council statement said.

In addition to Felicio dos Santos, municipal schools in other cities were closed. In São João del Rey, classes have been suspended from Wednesday (10/25) until November 5. In Retapolis, classes were suspended on Friday (27/10) with no plans to return. Conceição da Barra de Minas, Santa Cruz de Minas and Tiradentes also joined the action. These cities are located in the São João del Rey region.

As for schools in the state education network, so far, the recommendation of the State Department of Health (SES) is to keep schools operating. According to the agency, “there is no epidemiological evidence that justifies a change in the routine activities of the population, in accordance with the recommendations of Civs Minas.”

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